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InspiRED Tips by Canada’s Creative Coach™ Gerry Visca

Red TIP – The Behaviour of your Brand

Ever wonder why certain brands like Amazon, Nike, Apple and Starbucks generate incredible momentum and buzz while other ones like Nokia find themselves standing still? There isn't what I refer to as a culture of initiation driving their momentum. What I mean by that is there isn't a culture of starting, raising your hand, speaking out, leaning forward, screwing up and learning from it. The role of your brand in the lives of your client’s is more important today then ever before. I want you to view your brand as an invisible aura of meaning and emotion, a living entity if you will with the ability to create choice, build trust and establish loyalty. One of my goals as a branding expert in Canada is to help my clients ‘inspire to action’ and kick start a strong foundation by creating a culture of initiation within their brand experience. There is something special about getting out there and being recognized for taking action. As yourself the following questions right now as you contemplate building a culture of initiation: How can we stand out? How can we engage our target audience? The two key elements in those questions stem from the art of differentiation and meaningful engagement. Too often I see the start of what can be an incredible branding platform only to then witness a leader pulling back and pumping the breaks. The following are tips designed to help you build a culture of initiation within your brand:
Adapt to whatever changes the marketplace throws at you.
Design marketing strategies that stir a sense of emotion (Why? To connect emotionally with your audience). A great example of this is ‘Coca-Cola’s Celebration Mix’ – a remix of previously unknown Somali Canadian artist K’Naan’s song "Waving Flag’ – became the unofficial anthem of the World Cup which made a powerful impact on individuals at the event. (Check it out – it created over 13 million hits:
Understanding the behavior of your brand will help you lay a stronger foundation for your marketing efforts going forward. Another great tactic is using feedback with your clients and weaving their insights into your practices. Think of creating brand ambassadors with your key clients by making them a part of your process. Create something that connects and your story will travel faster than ever before.

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